Fidwig the Forbidden


Fidwig The Forbidden
Dwarf Alchemist 4

Hit Points: 29/29
Intiative: +2
Speed: 20 ft.

Armor Class: 15,
touch 12,
flat-footed 13

Fort +5,
Ref +6,
Will +2

Str 10, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 8

Knowledge (nature) +10,
Craft +12,
Perception +11,
Profession +5,
Heal +5,
Acrobatics +2,
Appraise +9,
Knowledge (arcana) +10, Sleight of Hand +6, Disable Device +8,
Climb +0,
Survival +8,
Stealth +4,
Spellcraft +12

Lv 1: comprehend languages,
Enlarge person,
Reduce person,
Touch of the sea.
Lv 2: protection from arrows,
Cure moderate wounds.
Lv3: gaseous form.
Lv4: universal formula
Lv5: magic jar

Equipment: 480 Gold Pieces, Headband Of Vast Intelligence (E), Crossbow, Heavy, Bomb Launcher, Warhammer (1H), Studded Leather (A), Mutageon, Blowgun, 4 Drow Poison, Spellscorch , Holy Weapon Baln, Backpack (empty), Light Fire Ink, Bloodvine Rope, 3 Sunrod, Smoke Pellet , Smoke pellet, smog , Vomit Capsul, Alchemist’s Lab Portablr, 6 Fortify Brew, Antimedic Snuff, Blood Clotter Salve , Poison Ward Salve, Ragers Aid , Geavely Tonic, Masking Scent, Liquid Traction, Reagant Paper, Trackers Snuff, Tracing Powder, Traveler’s Outfit, gem Necklace

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Dwarf Alchemist (Grenadier)
Age – 70
Height – 3’9"
Weight – 192 Lbs"
Religion: Torag

Born to ex-inhabitants of the Five Kings Mountain, Fidwig was raised a follower of Torag who left his followers to make their own way through life, knowing that this will make them strong and determined. Yet within the Five Kings Mountains the Dwarves banned the usage of Alchemy seeing it as an untrustworthy magic for it was not given to them by Torag. After the 700 year war between them and the Orcs as well as the eruption of the volcano Droskar’s Crag , Dwarves fled to odd settlements never again able to reunite upon the mountain.

Born to Falcon’s Hollow, Fidwig was forced to look upon the mountain that was taken from his ancestors. His family took up a new name within the logging community and forged a new beginning through handcrafted steel. As a young blacksmith’s apprentice Fidwig learned the art of crafting but was fixated on the power of the volcano. One night, eager for knowledge of the volcano, Fidwig fled aboard a logging vessel destined for Absalom. Upon arrival Fidwig witnessed the sale and demonstration of an item called Alchemists Fire known to harness the power of the volcano. With the words of Torag, Fidwig remained in the city taking up the teachings of Alchemy despite his ancestors preachings for he knew it would make him strong and determined.

Present Day: Fidwig travels the land as a merchant seeking to harness his craft and waiting for his chance to return home and help reclaim a heritage.

Fidwig the Forbidden

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