Kotamira (Mira)

Half-orc Hunter


AC 16
Touch AC 11
Flat-footed 11
HP 25

Init 3
Fort 5
Reflex 7
Will 1
Range 7
Melee/CMB 4
CMD 17

Strength 14 (2)
Dexterity 16 (3)
Constitution 13 (1)
Intelligence 12 (1)
Wisdom 10 (0)
Charisma 13 (1)

Acro. 5
Climb 4
Bluff 10
Diplomacy 5
Handle Animal 11
Heal 5
Intimidate 8
Kn. Nature 6
Kn. Geog 7
Kn. Dung 8
Kn. Relig 8
Esc. Art. 5
Perc. 5
Ride 8
Stealth 8
Sense Mot. 4
Surv. 6

Class Skills
Darkvision, Beastmaster, City-raised, Ironhide, Wild Empathy, Outflank, Track, Improved Empathic Link, Animal Focus, Pass fr Human, Tribe Mentality

Lvl0: Create water, enhance diplomacy, know direction, light, resistance, spark
Lvl1: ant haul, summon nature’s ally I, cure light wounds, nature’s paths
Lvl2: summon nature’s ally II, carry companion

Adamantine Longsword [1d6] +11
Punching dagger [1d3]
Light Shield [1d2]
Leather armor
Small Shortbow [1d4]
40 common arrows
2 Pheremone arrows

bedroll, blanket, small tent, rope, signal horn, torch, flask of common wine, rations, manacles, scarf, beltpouch, waterskin, 4 glass bottles, riding kit (saddle, saddlebags, bridle and reigns).

4 CLW, 3 CMW


At a very young age, Kotamira’s family was roaming the mountainside for berries and roots to eat as they did everyday the weather was cool and breezy. She had two siblings, a younger brother and an older sister. Her brother was too young to walk, a beautiful little boy who inherited the dark skin of his mother and bright blue eyes of his orc father, and slept quietly in a sling at his mother’s breast. His dark curly hair flopped in the wind as his mother squatted searching for bugs under rocks. She was a beautiful southerner with dark hair, skin and eyes. She was a slave who gained her freedom during an orc raid. That was the first time she saw Ulag. The moment she laid her eyes on him, she was entranced by his every move. She quickly fell in love. Ulag was just happy to have such a tall beautiful woman, no matter her race. Kotamira’s sister, Almira, took after Ulag. She had the stature of an orc and shared their thirst for blood. Almira saw a toad hopping happily through the shrubbery and quickly decided to follow it down the mountainside, hoping to sink her teeth into it. Toads weren’t great tasting, but she wouldn’t complain, she hasn’t eaten in a day. The toad led her a little too far from her family, and as she followed she neared a cave mouth. An awful stench wafted to her from the cave of rotted corpses, in the darkness of the cave glowed two big eyes. It was too late for Almira, she didn’t even have time to scream.

Kotamira was closer to her father learning the ways of bug-hunting. She quite enjoyed it. Ulag rewarded her when she found a nut as they were very rare on the mountains, usually dropped by a bird flying overhead in their attempt to break them open. They were following a particular beetle that was used for poultices when crushed. It was tricky with small beating wings that could carry it a few meters at a time. It had to be caught with stealth. They were too focused on the hunt to hear the throats being slashed behind them.

Ulag stopped, tired of the hunt and looked back for his wife. What he saw was terrifying; the blood splashed about the rocks, the green sling tossed aside, empty, and a monster so great, legends of it were told late at night by men who had barely escaped for their lives, not without loss. “Mira, run! Don’t look back! Run!”, he screamed. He caught the attention of the beast who was focused on engulfing as much flesh as possible. Mira did as her father told her. She ran. And ran. Until she came to a cliff edge. She stopped, unsure of where to go, and stole a glance behind her. Great wings, long scaly neck, piercing eyes. She recognized it by the stories she overheard when she was supposed to be sleeping. It was a Mantidrake, a large draconic lion-beast. She stilled, stared, stopped breathing. She stumbled away from it and slipped. Mira plummeted down the cliff side and the Mantidrake took to the air to follow, but before it could reach her she fell into the cold river water at the bottom, unconscious.

She woke up to the smells of cooked food and damp firewood. Her recollection of the next few days was minimal, but she ended up in a city just south of the mountains. A fisherman, Jacob, found her floating in the river, sure she was dead, but brought hr to town to a doctor. He then took her home to his wife and fed and clothed her. Jacob’s wife saw it as a miracle; she had been unsuccessful bearing children for Jacob. They were aware of her ancestry (analysed by the doctor) and decided to adopt Mira and educate her as a human. After all, she had more of her mother’s attractive traits and blended in with the human children.

Her life thereafter was easy. She had friends, excelled in her studies, and learned to provide for herself in the wild from Jacob. But her raw animal instincts and blood lust overcame her as she became a woman. She started blacking out, waking up in the mornings without memory of the night before. Strange disappearances and animal deaths started to emerge and she was afraid she was responsible. She ran away from her city home, never to be seen again.

Kotamira (Mira)

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